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How do I 'reset' the BizMock test environment

Sep 19, 2012 at 9:19 PM

Good Morning,

I'm occasionally hitting an error at the moment when running a BizMock test ("control file xyz_Responsectrl_*.xml not found").  The error doesn't happen every time I run the test, but it is consistant once the error starts appearing.  This leads me to believe that perhaps something is cached in-memory somewhere that needs to be reset.

Each time this happens I tend to go through quite a long winded process of trying to clear the environment (stop all BT applications, restart all host instances, rebuild test project, kill the QTAgent process), which eventually seems to resolve the problem.

My question though is whether there is a simpler way to reset BizMock adapter (particually the isolated host process for the recieve port) to try to reset the environment?