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BizMock is a framework for testing BizTalk Solutions using Visual Studio C# Test Projects.

With BizMock you can quickly test your Orchestrations, Schemas, Maps and Pipelines by writing unit tests that can emulate the messages received at receive ports and validate messages sent from send ports.

You start by declaring your solution artifacts in a xml file (orchestrations, ports, maps, message instances, message verifiers etc. ) a T4 template then generates .net types, that you can use in your tests.

For example:
  • with an orchestration artifact you have static type that allows to start your orchestration automatically (ports configured automatically with the BizMock Adapter ).
  • with a message artifact you can modify your message instance body and context properties at runtime ( by setting message properties )
  • with a message verifier artifact you can set expectations on messages sent by biztalk ports.
  • with a database artifact you can verify a row as been inserted in your custom Database.
  • A event artifact you can verify a specific event as been writed to the event log

BizMock supports : multipart messages, promoted properties, dynamic ports, direct binding and more; take a look at the samples.

2 releases are available: for Visual Stuido & BizTalk 2009 and for Visual Studio 2010 and BizTalk 2010

to get started go to

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